5 Reasons You Should Take a Bath Tonight!

I will openly admit that I have never been much of a bath person.  I always liked the idea, but once I got in the tub, I was bored and got out after only a few minutes.  I learned in the past few months that this kept happening because I was doing it wrong!  I did not understand the whole idea behind a bath and once I saw the light, I developed an appreciation for what a bath truly can do for the body and the spirit.

So, if you are like I used to be and don’t consider yourself a bath person, check out these 5 reasons why you should have an open mind and give bath time another try.  I am not talking about bath time with your 3 year old, by the way.  This is all about enjoying a relaxing bath as a grown up!

Source: http://enabledkids.ca/tea-tip-3-reasons-to-drink-chamomile-tea/

Source: enabledkids.ca

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The Magic of the Dead Sea

People often ask me, of all the soaps that I make, which is my favorite?  It truly is hard to pick a favorite, however, if I were banished to a desert island and could only bring one kind of soap, I would pick one with Dead Sea Mud.  There is something beyond wonderful about this mystical ingredient and I just love it in soap.  I do chuckle to myself the irony of using mud, an ingredient considered “dirty”, in a product used to clean.  However, this is no ordinary mud.  Harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel, the salt and mineral content is much different than what you will likely find in your backyard.


Revival Soap with Dead Sea Mud

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Food For Your Skin

The products that we use on our skin can provide nourishment and some provide hydration.  There are quite a few oils,  such as coconut, olive and canola, that are wonderful ingredients in soap and also have a place in the kitchen.

One of the most highly prized foods among those who eat meat is grass-fed beef.  The health benefits of grass-fed beef are well documented, and the beef contains high levels of Vitamins A & D, as well as anti-oxidants.  Tallow is also a wonderful oil to use in soap as it provides a creamy lather that is gentle on the skin.  Tallow is also used by many restaurants to cook wonderful dishes, because “fat equals flavor” in food.


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5 Great Uses for Beer

Before you wonder what craziness this post is all about, the first thing you can, and should do with beer, is drink it.  Ice cold on hot summer day.  Or late at night with a giant plate of spicy hot wings.  Or with your friends watching football.  I really could go on.  But this post is about other beneficial uses for beer, provided you have the willpower to not drink ALL of the beer before trying some of the suggestions in this post.


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A Fantastic Start to 2016!

The weekend following the start of 2016, I was extremely fortunate to go on an overnight trip to The Hike Inn.  This trip was planned for a long time, and something I have wanted to do for even longer so you can imagine my excitement level.  Very near to the start of the Appalachian Trail at Spring Mountain is a rustic hotel hidden deep in the forest.  If one wants to go, you must hike 5 miles to get there, so it is certainly not for everyone (the hike is mostly moderate but it is steep at times).  I am an avid hiker, and although hiking the AT remains on my to-do list, this was a neat way to escape to the mountains with friends, my husband and son.


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An Easier Way to Wash Your Dog

I will never understand why my adorable dog LOVES to roll around in nasty, dirty, gross things.  She manages to find a nice pile of yuck and roll around in it with glee and excitement.  And after this joyful event comes the unpleasant part – the bath.  My dog really dislikes getting a bath, so I try to get it done as quickly as possible, which is not always easy.  *SIGH*

1795985_10203111233682526_1025408412_o (1)

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How to Make a Gift Box

The more years I spend in this world, the more I believe that the best gifts are a result of thought and effort.  I am most touched when someone spends their time on a gift than simply spending their money.  One way you can show your friends and family how much you care is by making your own gift box.


This tutorial shows you how to make the box in the photo above, however, you can adjust the size easily once you get the concept down.  This box is 7″x4.5″x2″ in size.  I chose to have the lid not reach down to the bottom of the box but again, something you can easily modify.

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